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I was born in Malaysia and I have become interested in the Orang Asli,(Native People of Malaysia), as a result of Research I did for the Native Planet organisation.

I am the Facilitator for a Project on Indigenous Knowledge Management for the Orang Asli people.

Indigenous Knowledge has been defined as :-
"the unique, traditional, local knowledge existing within and developed around the specific conditions of women and men indigenous to a particular geographic area".

The objective of the Project is to evaluate the role of ICT in creating a permanent record the local customs and traditions of the Orang Asli.
I have created a Bulletin Board for people who share my interest in the Orang Asli.

Helpful contacts include Antares,  Colin Nicholas,  Peter van der Helm and  Rudy (an Orang Asli who maintains a Blog).

Rizuan is the Coordinator for a Semai Group at Bidor called SPNS), and he also leads a team that maintains a Web Site called Indigenous Knowledge (IK) Net

Theremainder of this Page shows the major Steps in the Project.
If you are interested in my work, I would be pleased to hear from you.

Request permission to make contact with the Orang Asli as required by the Malaysian Government Department of Orang Asli Affairs.
Establish the Scope, probably including some of the People that I profiled for Native Planet, including the Semai and Temiar.
The Keene State Orang Asli Institute, is an interesting resource.
The World Bank has an answer to 'What is Indigenous Knowledge Mgt ?'
Review the feasibility of using the ICT Toolkit for Indigenous Knowledge Management described in this excellent Paper from ArchiMuse (qv).
This describes its application to the world of Australian Aborigines.
Review feasibility of using Native Maps to record Habitats of Orang Asli.
Consider publishing a Book on the Orang Asli, with Native Map Books
Ensure security of the IKM Intellectual Property Rights of the material.
Review the results of my work against the UNESCO Register of Native People and Indigenous Knowledge.
Create a Community of Practice for OA Indigenous Knowledge.
Maintain a list of OA IK that I have compiled.

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