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Muslim Girls at School Stage (1) My Childhood.
I was born in a small village in Malaysia. My father was the Head Teacher in the local school. He believed that Education was a wonderful thing and always encouraged us to study hard and to do well at school, so that we could achieve our full potential.
Living in China Stage (2) The Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
When I was a young girl, I wanted to travel and see and experience new things.
I joined the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as soon as I could.
My first overseas posting was to China, where I stayed for two years, then I went to the Philippines, where I stayed for four years.
Finally, I went to Fiji, where I stayed for a year. In Fiji, I met my husband, which changed my life for ever, and then I came to England to live, and I am still here, many years later.
Graduation Day, November, 2000 Stage (3) Graduate with BA (2.1) at University of Westminster in London
I failed to see the importance of Education when I was a schoolgirl - what I wanted was travel and excitement. Now that I had travelled and lived in many countries I decided it was time for me to pursue academic goals. I recently completed my studies at the University of Westminster in London where I obtained a B.A. Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with Arabic, French and IT.
I am grateful to the University of Westminster for offering me a 'Second Bite of the Cherry', and I did my best to take full advantage of the academic opportunities that were available to me.
Stage (4) Awarded M.A. (with merit) at University in London
In 2002 I worked very hard and was accepted as one of the first students on a new M.A. course at the University of Westminster in Globalisation and Development Studies.
My Christmas Card, 2000
Mountain Goat in Villars,Switzerland Stage (5) Keeping up my Language Skills
In the summer, we went to Tunisia, where I had the opportunity to speak both French and Arabic.
At Christmas, we went to Switzerland, where I was able to to speak French, and met a goat,(but he didn't speak French).
Looking forward to going home Stage (6) Keeping in touch with my Roots.
I am smiling in this new passport photo at the thought of taking a trip back home next week.
I am looking forward to seeing my family and old friends again.
I want to see whether I would be able to use my new MA to help Malaysia in some way.

After many years of living in England and France, and speaking English with my husband every day,I seem to have lost touch with my roots.
For example, I dream in English and when I talk to my family in Malaysia on the phone, I find that I sometimes can't think of the word I want to use in the Bahasa Malay language and have to resort to English.
Equatorial Hotel, Cameron Highlands in Malaysia Stage (7) Cameron Highlands in Malaysia.
It was raining all the time but I really enjoyed a cup of tea grown in the Cameron Highlands and served at the 5-Star Equatorial Hotel.
There were tourists from all over the place,including Arabs in traditional dress.
Where I live on the River Thames in England Stage (8) Back in England is OK.
This is where I am living just outside London, close to Windsor.
I can lean out of my lounge window and throw bread to the ducks, swans and geese who come to the window every morning.
I am wearing a traditional Tunisian  woman's dress Stage (9) Back in Tunisia.
We went back to Tunisia, but to Djerba this time, to celebrate my birthday and had a great time again.
Norlia on Charlie the Camel by the Pyramids in Egypt Stage (10) Riding a Camel by the Pyramids.
After a while I got bored being back in the UK so we went to Egypt where I went inside a Pyramid, had a ride on a Camel and polished up my Arabic.
Pomengranate Stage (11) Pomengranates are good for you !!!
I have just discovered how good Pomengranates are so I have started peeling and eating them every day.
Then today I found an American drink called 'POM' so tomorow I will be finding out if I can get all the benefits without all the peeling and if it tastes as good as it looks.

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