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Goats up a Tree
Goats in Trees (Click for large photo)
I have liked Goats ever since I wanted one as a little girl growing up in a small village in Malaysia.
I laughed when I saw this wonderful photograph, published by Lonely Planets books, of Goats in Morocco climbing the Argan tree.
It said the goats like to eat the delicious berries of the tree.
Goats obviously have good taste in berries ;-0)
Sardine Bait-Ball
Sardine Bait Ball
Sardines are my kitten's favourite food but this 20 metres 'bait ball' would be more than she could eat eat in her lifetime.
Sumatran Tiger Cub
Sumatran Tiger Cub, born in Chester Zooo, England
 Love comes in many forms but the best is Mother's love.

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